Building Envelope and Historical Rehabilitation Division

HRI offers a wide variety of unique repairs using traditional restoration techniques. We specialize in stone and masonry repair, historical roofing replacement, ornate sheet metal, custom millwork, window conservation and replication, as well as foundation repair and waterproofing.

There are several reasons for you and/or your organization to proactively maintain and restore the various elements of your historic building/landmark. Not only are there added aesthetic benefits, but our team of experts are also qualified to identify and address any structural and/or safety concerns, to ensure the building/landmark will stand the test of time.  

Enhancing the look and professionalism of your building will make it a place people WANT to come and visit, as well as serve as a source of pride for those who work in, live in or visit it. 

Many industry experts agree, HRI provides amongst the most comprehensive and high quality services in Canada. We have generations of experience working on projects just like yours. 


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