Historical Roofing & Sheet Metal Services

A roofing system is considered one of most important elements of any building. It is the first line of defense against the exterior weather conditions. Great care should be taken when designing, constructing and maintaining a roof as it is a complex system that must deal with water, snow, heat, condensation and wind. HRI has specialized in historical roofing projects since 1921. We pride ourselves in understanding what it takes to produce a roof that will stand the test of time and keep the elements out. Our team of professionals are educated, experienced and they only deliver the most pristine finish product. Try us out on your next historical roofing project.

Services include:

  • Emergency roof leak repairs
  • Supply and installation of new flashings (step, counter, ridge, valley, etc.)
  • Removal/reinstallation of sealants
  • Variety of framing services (wood deck replacement, truss re-enforcement, back-up framing, strapping, custom venting solutions)
  • Complete roofing system removal/reinstallation (copper, slate, cedar)
  • Custom copper wrapped dormers, canopies, awnings, louvers and gazebos
  • Custom copper finials, pinnacles, cornices as well as eaves troughs and downspouts


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