Structural & Site Restoration

HRI’s structural division offers a wide array of rehabilitative services using a combination of both tried & tested methodologies, and cutting edge techniques. We specialize in parking garage restoration, balcony rehab, wall repair and concrete and steel infrastructure revitalization. We repair your degraded structure, and protect it with sealants, expansion joints and waterproofing systems, in all of their applications.

There are several reasons for you and/or your organization to proactively maintain and repair the various elements of your building/structure. Not only are there added aesthetic benefits, but our

team of experts are also qualified to identify and address any structural and/or safety concerns, to ensure the building/structure will stand the test of time.

Enhancing the protective measures of your building not only prevents corrosion of the structural backbone, but also improves the look and professionalism, which add significant value. 

HRI has cemented itself as one of Canada’s premiere structural rehabilitation contractors. Chances are we’ve overcome the challenges your project presents, on many of those we’ve completed previously.


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